Our story

Children are like wildflowers: beautiful, fierce and free spirited

Studio Wildflower was born in a search for a beautiful rattan rib that meets the current safety standards. That search didn't yield very much. That's why Annemiek decided to design her own rattan crib. After she started drawing, things got out of hand. She designed lots of rattan children's furniture, toys and accessories.

Although Annemiek made these design for herself, after she got so many enthusiastic reactions she decided to start a webshop. But it turned out she couldn't combine this with her own law firm and motherhood. That's why she asked Eline for help. Annemiek and Eline used to work at the same law firm years ago, and they became friends again when their oldest sons became best buddy's at daycare.

Studio Wildflower has finally blossomed since we work together!

Our goal

Our goal is to create rattan furniture for children with a vintage feel, who meet the current safety standards. And when you add to that our rattan accessories and toys, any kidsroom becomes stylish.

We now understand why there're so few approved rattan cribs. The approval process is expensive and time consuming. So please, be patient with us. Our crib is on it's way. And in the mean time you can buy our other product in our webshop.